Our Objectives

Balanced Exposure is a photography training facility. We teach all aspects of photography from how to use your camera, how to photograph weddings, how to make studio portraits to how to use Photoshop. Classes are held in our fully equipped studio as well as in the field when we conduct our "field trip" classes.

How It All Started

"We are a multi-service studio for consumers and professional photographers."

Photography training is our main business, but we provide our clients with more than just that.

Balanced Exposure owner Russell Lowe has had a photography career that spans from forensic photography, wedding photography and commercial photography, but has always loved teaching it as well. "I wanted a studio that could offer services for all aspects of photography. The problem was, I never had enough space... until now. Plus, I wanted a facility large enough to handle photography students. The current facility allows this."

"You can see in this image how tight it is to set up a basic studio lighting kit and small portable backdrop in a standard home living room. Furniture is always in the way, wires are all over the floor... it's just not an ideal situation. After 20 years of photographing in situations like this, I decided I needed more space to offer all the services I was capable of providing to my clients. Trying to do studio work without an actual studio always meant it took more time to set up and put away the equipment and move around all the furniture than it did to actually take the photo. While rental studios were always available, most required a half day or full day commitment and the rental of the studio lights were pretty expensive too. So I decided I'd open a studio to allow me to shoot whenever I wanted."

"In addition, to the studio space, I wanted space to use as a teaching facility. While my old wedding facility had space, I wanted more space so that I could teach not only the theory of photography, but also have the space to actually shoot in and show it happening too. The new studio/classroom allows me to do all that!"

Balanced Exposure started out as a post production company offering color and correction services for other wedding photographers. Today, the majority of the work done at Balanced Exposure is teaching new photographers how to use their cameras properly and also how to use post production effectively to improve images taken.

Russ Lowe

Owner - Balanced Exposure
Russ' blog: www.russlowe.blogspot.com


Our students and clients can often tell you more about our services than we can.
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"Do you have what it takes? I started taking classes through Balanced Exposure, under Russ's teaching, over a year ago. I wanted to take my interest in photography to a more professional level. I thought I knew enough about photography until I sat in my first class with Russ, where I quickly learned I knew almost nothing. That is a terrifying realization, but a most humbling experience . However, each class with Russ helped me to become more confident in my photography knowledge and practice. I could fill a book with the title "I use to...But now I...Thanks to Russ," but for now, I will say this: to anyone on the fence about taking these classes, take them. Invest in each one. Sooner or later, everything he teaches will click for you, as it did for me, and your understanding and execution of this skill will never be the same. And as I have learned and grown, I have come to realize the most valuable course Russ offers: his interactive sales class. Yes, the class most of us are too terrified to take. The value of taking this class had not dawned on me until recently. It took me traveling down a path of struggle to finally see why many in our industry burn out or grow discouraged, or just don't make it. After much pain, tears, loss of time and resources, I have learned that I will not survive in this industry unless I understand the business components, unless I know how to attract, service, and maintain clients, unless I understand how to ask for a sale. What I am seeing, and what Russ showed me, is that I don't have to be the best photographer, yet. But I do need to know how to meet the needs of my clients. And as long as I can do that, I can keep working toward my dream. I want to tell you that you can do this; we both can. Russ has been an invaluable instructor in helping me find my way to become a professional photographer and make an income doing so; he can do the same for you. So, if you were once asking yourself if you have what it takes, stop. Instead, begin asking yourself, "Am I willing to do what it takes?" And if the answer is yes, I implore you to take full advantage of everything Russ has to offer you! You won't have a single regret. Rather, you'll be on a journey you've always dreamed yourself living." - Erica Schwartz

"I am an aspiring amateur photographer who desires to learn more photography concepts such as composition, lighting, and exposure. Before I met Russ, I took several photography lessons without much success. In general I understood how to use a camera but was uncomfortable changing from auto exposure to manual exposure as I didnít understand ISO, shutter speed and aperture in a tangible way. Thatís until I met Russ. Starting from the first lesson Russ was able to explain complex concepts and techniques in a very simplistic and thorough way. What I also love about Russ is that he challenges you to think. Youíre not passively listening to him teach but actively participating in the lesson, which I really appreciate. In addition, he keeps in touch with you between lessons by sharing and discussing pictures that were taken using techniques discussed in prior lessons. I am very pleased with the 1-on-1 lessons and will continue to take them!" - Thomas N.

"I went from being an insecure amateur photographer who only stayed on auto to graduating to shooting in manual mode. Because of Russ, I have gained the confidence to discover new ways to shoot... adjusting my shutter and aperture and working with lighting. Russ has been amazing to work with, responsible, knowledgeable and professional. He has also helped by professionally Photoshopping my work which gave it that "professional look"! I have much gratitude for all that he has taught me." - Lance C.

"I started working with Russ in 2010 after I bought my first camera. After only two lessons I've learned much more than I could by any other means. Russ has been a professional photographer for a long time, but he is able to make his knowledge easy to understand for someone new to photography. The combination of his knowledge and friendliness is what will keep me going back to Russ for more lessons in the future." - Mike F.

"Russell's friendly demeanor and coaching go a long way. He is able to apply his in-depth knowledge as a professional photographer and teach students in his workshops the core foundations of photography all the way to the more advanced techniques that make him a well sought after professional event and wedding photographer." - Dan M. from Schaumburg, IL

"I participated in Russ' photography workshop and it was easily the best investment I've made in photography since buying the Nikon 17-55mm f 2.8 DX lens (suggested by Russ). I was in the middle of editing a wedding when I attended the workshop, and afterwards, I re-edited my first 400 pictures. I spent the extra time on re-editing my pictures because of a few simple tips I picked up, and the adjustments made a huge improvement in my final product. Russ is very knowledgeable and even more importantly, he takes time to answer everyone's questions no matter how simple or technical the question is. I worked with Russ as a videographer at a wedding he was shooting and he is a pro through-and-through. I highly recommend any workshop offered by Russ Lowe." - Andy S. Photographer, Videographer from Schaumburg, IL

From some of our numerous reviews from our coupon deals

"Russ is a great professional. I thought would 4 hours be enough to understand both the concepts, features and the time for playing with the camera. But he balanced well on covering all the topics and made sure everybody is following through. Absolutely i would recommend him to my friends and I intend to take more advanced classes with him."

"Russ is a fantastic teacher and in less than four hours converted me from a point-and-shoot hack to someone whose photos now look professional (at least to all my friends, none of whom are professional photographers). I will be returning soon for more classes. Thank you, Russ!"

"Great instruction - I learned more in the first 10 minutes than I have my entire camera-owning life"

"Russ really knew what he was talking about and I learned so much. I actually had such a great time that I signed up for three more classes with him! Would highly recommend!"

"Awesome class; unlike any other classes I attended to. Very interactive; it was easy to understand the topic at hand because the instructor lets you apply or practice on your own camera. And for the price of the class, you can't beat that!"

"I was more than pleased with this 4 hour DSLR camera seminar! Russ sure knows his stuff and he presented it in a way that a complete novice like myself could understand...he covered every topic that should be covered in an intro class. I learned more than I could have hoped for. I also truly appreciated being able to sign up for future classes at a discounted rate to continue my training on my camera...I look forward to the new Composition class that is planned for 2013...I've already signed up! I can't wait to practice what I learned...I went from being intimidated by my Nikon and only using the automatic setting to being ready to play with my ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speeds to get the perfect shot!"